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On this page you will find media contact information, hot links to our Social Media pages, to News Releases, key information, related images, and other resources pertaining to Chris Kilham, The Medicine Hunter, Zoe Helene, and Medicine Hunter, Inc. If you are a media professional, please contact Zoe Helene at zoehelene@gmail.com. Thank you.

About Medicine Hunter, Inc.

For your convenience, we have provided bullet points with hot links to key informational pages on this site:

  • Medicine Hunter, Inc. is an integrated enterprise dedicated to expanding the field of natural, plant-based medicines.
  • Please visit In the Media for a variety of selected media. For your convenience, we have created special 'break-out' pages featuring some of our more popular sets of media.
  • In a sustainable system, all life is supported and allowed to prosper. At Medicine Hunter, we are serious about Sustainability.
  • Our Partner Companies provide funding for field research, they develop products, and provide us with direct access to influential companies worldwide.

Social Media:

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The Five Tibetans:

The Five Tibetans has established itself as a classic among yoga practitioners and teachers alike. In this new edition the author shares his own positive experiences from more than 30 years’ devotion to the practice, even during his extensive worldwide travels, and explores the spiritual benefits of the Five Tibetans as well as the profound impact the practice has on health, longevity, and healthy aging.

The following links leads to pages providing further information on The Five Tibetans, author Christopher Kilham, additional quotes, and contact information for sales, photos, cover images, etc.


We are working on a series of Expedition Galleries. There are still some details to take care of, but we're close. Most of the photos on the site are available in high resolution format. If there is a photo you wish to publish in print media, please contact us and we will do our best to locate that photo in a high resolution file.

Please be advised that all images on this website are protected by copyright. We are happy to share our images because we want to spread the word about this work -- however, we do require a formal request. With a photo credit, we are happy to give permission to any quality media publication. But we will not allow our photos to be used to promote products we don’t like.