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Social media is a great way to keep in touch with our adventures and events. We are associated with a number of social media pages. Here are icons with direct links, for your convenience.

Medicine Hunter, Inc.
Our three-fold purpose is to promote natural, plant-based medicines, to protect the natural environment, and to support indigenous cultures.

FOX News
As The FOX News Health Medicine Hunter, Chris's articles and TV segments promote benefits of plant medicines about traditional use and scientific evidence.

The Five Tibetans
Join The Five Tibetans on Facebook. The Five Tibetans has established itself as a classic among yoga practitioners and teachers alike.

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Chris on Wikepedia
Visit Chris Kilham’s ever evolving Wikipedia page, and please feel free to add information(!)

Amazon.com Author's Page
Chris has written a number of Books ranging from medicine hunting to ayahuasca to yoga to sexual health.

Cosmic Sister
Cosmic Sister connects kindred-spirit women on the path.

Ayahuasca Test Pilots
The Ayahuasca Test Pilots are a collaboration of individuals who engage in the ceremonial practice of ayahuasca journeying with skilled shamans.

The Shaman's Pharmacy Class
We have been taking groups of students to the Amazon, but this class is CURRENTLY ON HOLD.