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Dear Friends, We are experiencing a big increase in inquiries. Your message matters to us. We would like very much to personally answer each and every individual email, but inbound volume often exceeds our capacity to reply. We’re happy for the increase in interest from a diverse and global audience, even if we’re reeling from a tsunami of emails. This is all very wonderful. Rest assured we will do our best to respond in a respectable amount of time. Please remember that the nature of our business is travel, so we may not be in the country or anywhere near even a funky exotic Internet café.

Many of you write to at Medicine Hunter seeking information and help for personal health needs. We understand that some people turn to us for answers, and we want to help serve your needs. That said, we are not medical doctors, and cannot diagnose disease, prescribe for it, or offer personal health advice. Or visit the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians to find a doctor in your area. Please DO NOT ask for personal health advice, as we are unable to give it. Thank you for your understanding. We wish you good health and happiness.

We DO NOT sell plants or seeds.

We DO NOT promote illegal activities.

If you have personal questions about Ayahuasca, please read this page: Personal Questions about Ayahuasca. Thank you.

Thanks, and Happy Trails~!

Chris and Zoe

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