Richard Branson features sustainability work of Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham in new book


LEVERETT, MA, December 13th, 2011—Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, has a new book, Screw Business As Usual (Penguin Group (USA) 2011) and Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham is in it, featured for his work with global sustainability. Branson is out to prove that business can be conducted in a more ethical, fair way that preserves both the dignity of human beings, and the natural environment. Kilham, whose sustainability work has been featured in The New York Times, NBC Nightly News, ABC 20/20 and HD NET, was included in Screw Business As Usual for his work with rainforest preservation, indigenous native people and natural plant-based medicines around the world.

“I am enthusiastic about the opportunities that are there for the picking, so to speak, mostly because we need to save our Rainforests. If developing a commercial market can pay impoverished indigenous people for their ancient secrets and help save forests and wild places from the encroachment of 'civilization' looking for oil and cutting down millions of acres to grow cattle and palm oil, then we should do it. Chris is developing a TV series entitled The Medicine Hunter with our film/TV production company, Virgin Produced. I'm planning to go with him into the Amazon on at least one trip and am looking at how we can market his natural remedies through the Virgin Group of companies. Many of the medicines that Chris has found live in these wonderful forests. Forests, especially rainforests, play a vital role in keeping us all alive by absorbing significant amounts of carbon and recycling it as oxygen. Some 20 percent of the world's oxygen is produced by the Amazon rainforest. These beautiful forests used to cover 14 percent of the planet but today, thanks to deforestation, they cover less than 6 percent. Many scientists fear the rainforests could disappear within the next forty years, which would make it almost impossible to stop the current rate of global warming. Today deforestation already accounts for 25 percent of global emissions of heat-trapping gases that contribute to climate change. Large scale timber cutting and GMC soybean farming are leading causes of tropical deforestation. This must be discouraged if we are to fight the one percent war, let alone the four percent one. One way forward is to give indigenous people the opportunity to protect the natural environment by working with them to create fair markets for the products and services that are coming from the rainforests.” - Richard Branson, Screw Business as Usual.

“It is wonderful to see a global thought leader like Richard Branson taking such a strong interest in rainforest preservation, natural medicines, and protecting the interests of native people.” - Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter.

Chris Kilham is a medicine hunter, author and lecturer, and is also the FOX News Medicine Hunter. Chris appears on TV and in other media all over the world, and is an ardent supporter of sustainable practices and principles. His web site is www.MedicineHunter.com

About Chris Kilham

Known as the Medicine Hunter, Chris Kilham travels the world exploring natural plant-based medicines. Chris is a regular on FOX News Health, is a frequent guest on The Dr. Oz Show, and has appeared on NBC News, CNN, ABC 20/20 and in The New York Times. He has conducted expeditions in more than 30 countries across 5 continents and the South Pacific. CNN calls Chris, “The Indiana Jones of natural medicine.” The author of many articles and several books, including The Five Tibetans, Hot Plants, Kava: Medicine Hunting in Paradise, and The Whole Food Bible, Chris lives in Western, Massachusetts.

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