Herb Nerd Zoe Gardner, Peruvian Amazon. Photo By: Zoe Helene 2010


“Everybody quotes Steven Foster’s work as primary botanical science, and everybody uses his amazing photos of plants. Steven Foster is one of those brilliant, friendly, hyper-talented guys who manages to pull it all off with aplomb. He’s great to spend time with. We all admire Steven. ” – Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter

In the mid 1990’s Chris Kilham showed up at a trade show with a Tahitian prince, a South Pacific chief, a Brazilian shaman, and several friends from the US. Under the name “The New Tribe,” the group attended the trade show, showed up at parties, and generally made a scene. People seemed to enjoy the idea, and we generated a lot of friendly conversation.

Fast forward to the present, when Zoe Helene took the "New Tribe" idea and decided to create a section on this web site for the people and organizations that fit well with Medicine Hunter – New Tribe. In this section you will find friends, associates, people we admire, people with whom we work, people who are thought leaders, people who are supporters.

From herbalists to shamans, researchers, videographers, herbal traders, scholars, yogis, entrepreneurs and other thought leaders, the members of the New Tribe span a very broad range of interests, all somehow connected to healthy lifestyle and sustainability. This is an ever-evolving list. If you or someone you know are not on this list but should be, either we are working on it or we’d appreciate hearing from you. It may well be that your profile exists but we need more information from you, or we need you to formally approve it.

We want this section to be fun, interesting, informative. Perhaps as a result of perusing this section you’ll learn about someone with whom you want to connect, discover a useful resource, or get introduced to new thoughts and ideas. Connections beget connections. This is one way we hope to help broaden the world of healing and sustainability.

Please note: New Tribe profiles are in alphabetical order. The feature box automatically rotates each time you visit or refresh the page.

Kelly Albrecht
Founder/Owner, Left-Click Computers
Host & Managing Editor, FOX News Health Fox News Health
Dr. Michael J Balick
Vice President Botanical Science, New York Botanical Gardens
Founder, Dharma Boutique
Co-Founder, Sambazon
Co-Founder, Sambazon
President, Sustainable Solutions
Founder and Executive Director, American Botanical Council
Executive Producer and Co-Host, PBS Healing Quest
Sergio Cam
Founder, Chakarunas Trading Company
Psychiatrist & Integrative Medical Practitioner, Private Practice
Organic Chef, The Organic Gourmet
Clinical Division Chair, Tai Sophia Institute, Herbal Medicine Program
Ocean Environmentalist, Cousteau Society
Professor of Plant, Soil and Insect Sciences, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Video Editor, FOX News Health
Group Marketing Director, Naturex
Master Shamanic Guide, Blue Morpho
Founder & Master Yogi, Maya Yoga Studio
Founder and PR Executive, Dean Draznin Communications
Ethnobontanist, The Green Pharmacy
Founder, Nightlight Astrology
Expert Consultant, Special Event Producer
President & CEO, Topline Marketing
President, Steven Foster Group
President & Co-Founder, Runa Amazon Guayusa
Herb Nerd, Research & Development, Traditional Medicinals
Founder, Kanaka Kava
Joe Grace
Partner and Agent, Purity Products
Founder, Green Scentsations
Bill Grimes
President & Captain , Amazon Tours and Cruises with Dawn on the Amazon
Vice President of Sales, Gaia Herbs
Janice Hall
President and Founder, Natural Network International (NNI)
President, Agrisystems International
Mental Health Counselor, Freedom of Mind Resource Center
Managing Partner, Compass Natural
Visionary Artist, Independent
Master Herbal Teacher, BotanoLogos School for Herbal Studies
Founder, Ode Magazine
Founder, Co-Owner & President, Herb Pharm
Yogi, Center for Yoga
French Film Director, Jan Kounen Films
President & Founder, EuroPharma
Expert Consultant, Herbal & Natural Food & Supplement Companies
President, Purity Products
Poet, Writer,
Naturopathic Physician, Healing From Within Healthcare
Dan MacCombie, Runa Co-Founder
EVP/Co-Founder, Runa Amazon Guayusa
Master Herbalist, Brigitte Mars Consulting
VP Innovation & Brand Development,
Jeremiah McElwee
Senior Global Whole Body Coordinator, Whole Foods Market
Ethnobotanist, British Columbia Institute of Technology
Medical Herbalist Consultant, Amanda McQuade Consulting
Founder & Yoga Teacher, Maya Yoga Studios
Producer, FOX News Health
Chief of Scientific Affairs & Education, EuroPharma
Tom Newmark
Chairman of the Board, New Chapter
Sara Newmark
Director of Sustainability, New Chapter
Ted Ning
Executive Director, Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS)
Jonathan Talat Phillips
Author, Electric Jesus
Founder, Vermont Soapworks
Co-Founder and CEO, Numi Tea
Sensei and Director, Open Mind Zen Meditation Center
Senior Producer, FOX News Health
Malcolm Rossiter
General Manager & Shamanic Guide, Blue Morpho
Founder and CEO, Gaia Herbs
Paul Schulick
Founder and Chairman, New Chapter
Director, Dance of the Deer Foundation Center for Shamanic Studies
Musician, Independent
Founder, PlantTeachers
Shamanic Guide & Founder, Blue Morpho
Director of Marketing, Himalaya Herbal Healthcare
President & Founder, Inner Traditions • Bear & Company
Founder and Creative Director, HQ Productions
Dr. Joe Tafur
Founder, Nihue Rao
Founder, Raintree Nutrition, Inc
Jacob Teitelbaum
Medical Director, National Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers
Radio Co-Host, Wisdom's Soft Whisper
Founder & Executive Director, American Herbal Pharmacopoeia
President, The Volkman Group LLC
Co-Producer and Co-Host, PBS Healing Quest
Director of Online Marketing and Content, Vital Choice
The Gringo Shaman of the Amazon
Curandero - Ayahuasquero, Amazon Jungle Journeys

Are you a New Tribe member waiting to be put on the list? Do you know other candidates for New Tribe? Let us know. This site is not static. It is an evolving, shaping, shifting, changing piece of work. Currently this page shows only some of many profiles. We have many more profiles of fabulous people awaiting ‘approval’ in our go-live process (your profile may already exist, but just needs your input). Your comments and suggestions will make this site even better. We are all one humanity. One Tribe- One Vibe!