“I know hundreds of individuals who swear by this practice on a daily basis. Chris’ ability to translate this powerful teaching in a simple way has lead to great self-transformation.” - Jonny Kest, on Chris Kilham's The Five Tibetans

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“Jonny Kest is one of the most sincere, devoted, hard working and talented yogis on the scene today. I have the greatest respect, admiration and affection for Jonny. He is one of the greats.” - Chris Kilham

Jonny Kest
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Center for Yoga
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Midwest Yoga Conference
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Jonny Kest is a master yogi, known for his compassionate and yet disciplined teaching style. Jonnys teachings, which are both therapeutic and challenging, awaken the healing power of breath and the sensuality of being—allowing the heart and spirit to find true alliance.

As the founder of Michigan-based Center for Yoga, Jonny and his wife, Milla, have established metropolitan Detroit as one of the largest yoga communities in the Midwest. Teaching Ashtanga-based yoga, Jonny has also developed Healthy Backs Yoga, which integrates the whole body with special emphasis on breath and posture.

Having practiced ashtanga yoga and meditation for over 22 years, Jonny was first inspired by his father at the young age of 12. While living in Maui, Hawaii, Jonny saw yoga play a key role in his fathers recovery from debilitating chronic lower back pain. Jonny studied with David Williams and Brad Ramsey, and also spent two years working with Dr. Jody Rogers teaching yoga and relaxation to heart patients at a Cardiology facility in Detroit.

By way of breath, Jonny brings a beautiful balance of intensity and grace to each therapeutic class where he encourages the student to ‘get out of their own way’ and allow one’s own healing powers to inspire each practice. Jonny Kest Yoga Teacher Training program is a course of study and practice. His teaches the principles and practice of Ashtanga/Vinyasa Yoga, a dynamic, energetic sequence of postures that creates internal body heat, thereby promoting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. Then he focuses on Slowburn Yoga, a style of yoga developed by Jonny. This form of Hatha Yoga uses the complete yoga breath and closed eyes to focus attention inward. The combination of breath and focused attention brings great ease to the body, as it releases tension that is often the root cause of illness.