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Wisdom's Soft Whisper

Every Tuesday at noon, Eastern Time, the Wizard joins Host Trip Overholt and extraordinary guests on WCOM FM in Chapel Hill. Outside the area, no problem. Global web cast at: www.thewizardllc.com/turn.htm Just click the red button and you are tuned in to live satsang.

Join host Trip Overholt and our own local Wizard Baldour every Tuesday at noon and tune in to Wisdom’s Soft Whisper as the program extricates wisdom from knowledge and provides a clear and secular roadmap to peace. Exceptional guests are invited and there is a chance to email or call in to ask the Wiz or guest a question or two. We will delve into the most commonly mistaken ideas that are associated with wisdom and those dwelling in that state.

Now, a wizardly consideration for you… Wisdom’s Soft Whisper speaks to that which cannot be spoken in words, as pure wisdom is beyond the capacity of language, concepts and the mind. This program may challenge deeply held beliefs and everything that you, as a person has ever believed and grown accustomed as real. Even as such, Wizard Baldour challenges listeners to set aside their mental wanderings, and open their minds to the very foundation of their own being and abide awhile in the domicile of the wise. Typically, we have a few silent moments in our dialogue. Use them to let the message sink in. Remember, that we are sharing the same now and distance is dead.

Wisdom’s Soft Whisper
WCOM FM, Chapel Hill

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