“I have known Chris for many years. His integrity is impeccable in the world of plant medicines as well as relationships at home. This modern shaman man literally walks his talk. He is the go-to guy. I admire his contribution to humanity immensely and treasure his sincere friendship.” - John Troy aka Wizard Baldour

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“I’ve eaten dozens of gallons of Wizard Baldour’s dressings. We all have. He’s a great. We’re among royalty with him when it comes to this stuff. We should bow to you, John.” – Chris Kilham

John Troy aka Wizard Baldour
Wizard Baldour
Radio Co-Host
Wizard, Ecopreneur, Radio Host, Cosmic Consultant
Gourmet Organic Natural Food Development



John’s sojourn to “Wizard” began one evening at a friend’s house. It was a sudden paradigm shift that completely changed his outlook on life. It all happened spontaneously — a direct realization occurred while glancing through a book called "Be Here Now” by Ram Das. John later learned that the formal term used in Hindu philosophy is Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

Upon resuming the body, he sensed his outlook had turned “inside out”. The first contact was with a small girl in the room. When his eyes met hers, he realized he was looking at his non-local Self. Not like a reflection in a mirror, but like a seamless continuum in essence existed. Reality, transparent.

This was followed by a chance meeting with a Shaman-like elder in Jamaica. Jamesy-Man, as this Rasta man was called, was the first person who truly shared a mutual inside-out paradigm with John. Jamesy became John’s spiritual God father without any fanfare. He referred to their mutual outlook as “I & I One Love”.

On the home front, his storyline fell apart. Within a few months he spent his last dollars on a backpack and plane tickets. He arrived at Jamesy’s camp after a strenuous hike. Jamesy was expecting him and welcomed him to the camp.

John subsequently became a devotee of Swami Muktananda who initiated him with yogic Shaktipat. A yellow brick road with all the mysticism and visions unfolds. On Muktananda’s last evening in America, the swami placed a wizard hat on John and blessed him. Muktananda returned to India and dropped his body.

John eventually began a new business with his refreshed outlook. It was developing and bottling organic condiments and dressings and called "The Wizard’s Cauldron". A fulfilling livelihood that was successful. The natural food trade came to know of John as Wizard.

Twenty years as an ecopreneur and John was once again called to Jamesy in Jamaica. Synchronicity was evident. This meeting was deep and peaceful. John was humbled by Jamesy’s peace. His mind became strangely quiet and after a few very precious moments with Jamesy, John is left speechless.

All the shamans, teachers and gurus were affirming the same truth of peaceful, non-physical existence to John. All were coaching John to be more firmly established in the Truth.

The Wizard currently abides in the forest in North Carolina. He is a co-host of a radio program called "Wisdom’s Soft Whisper" in Chapel Hill, NC.