Rhodiola Root. Photo by Chris Kilham

Seven Approaches to Weight Control

While calorie regulation remains the primary means of controlling weight, seven other strategies can help greatly. These means of weight control can be achieved using natural plant-based substances, from various herbal teas to concentrated supplements.

No single approach to weight control works perfectly. Rather, maintaining proper weight is the result of lifestyle. The seven aspects of weight control here fit into a healthy lifestyle, and are easy to establish as regular daily habits.

            1. Thermogenesis (calorie burning)
            2. Diuresis (shedding water weight)
            3. Appetite suppression (calorie restriction)
            4. Satiety (inducing fullness)
            5. Fat sequestration (fat blocking)
            6. Carbohydrate inhibition (starch blocking)
            7. Glucose modification (reducing fat production)

These strategies for weight control are not theoretical. Currently, a substantial body of science supports each one. To date nobody has attempted to address all seven in a coordinated manner. Yet doing so will unquestionably result in superior weight maintenance, in conjunction with a healthy diet and moderate exercise.

Weight Loss Herbs

A large percentage of the American population is overweight, and many people sincerely wish to be slimmer. Fat is a national obsession, and marketers of everything from breakfast cereal to carbonated beverages to books want a piece of the overweight pie. The struggle to achieve or maintain a desired weight is fraught with fad diets, crash diets, diet pills of every description, and ten thousand contradictory recommendations. And while there is no magic bullet, no single product that can bust away all body fat, herbal supplements can help. In conjunction with regular exercise and a wise diet, the following three herbs can assist in the achievement of healthy weight goals.

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