Zachary Gibson
Kava Man
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Kanaka Kava
Kava, Farming


On a warm evening on the big island of Hawaii, kava grower and Co-founder of Kanaka Kava, Zachary Gibson, AKA "Kava Man," proudly demonstrates his latest drink, a kava colada. "I take a whole ice tray of frozen pineapple-juice cubes, put them all in a blender with a full can of coconut milk, add one ounce of fluid kava extract and just a little honey and vanilla, blend it all up, and it makes six really delicious drinks."

Serving fresh certified organic kava kava (awa) grown on the lush fertile Hamakua coast, big island Hawaii, Kanaka Kava (the people's kava) is the only place you can get fresh frozen organic kava. And you can get it shipped directly to you. They also offer the dried kava powder and the kava extract and organic noni juice. Really fresh Kava is all you get from Kanaka Kava.

Kava, or Hawaiian Awa, is a natural antidepressant and relaxant—primarily used throughout Oceania as a social, mood-enhancing beverage. Made from the root of a species of pepper plant known as Awa (Piper methysticum, which is "intoxicating pepper"), Awa has been used by people indigenous to the South Pacific for over 3,000 years. The Kava beverage is a central part of Polynesian Society, and has been used for centuries as a ceremonial, medicinal and also recreational drink.

Though kava's primary use throughout Oceania is as a social, mood-enhancing beverage, the plant is also part of the native pharmacopoeia of that region, and is used medicinally for a wide range of conditions. The primary medicinal use of kava is for urogenital inflammation and cystitis, but kava is also drunk to relieve headaches, to restore vigor in the face of general weakness, to promote urination, to soothe an unruly stomach, to cure whooping cough in children, and to ease the symptoms of asthma and tuberculosis.