Wise, Reverent, and Enlightening
Foreword Reviews
by Kristine Morris

Christopher Kilham’s The Lotus and the Bud is an enlightening guide to the ancient practice of cannabis-infused yoga and its profound benefits for the body, mind, and spirit.

Kilham reveals that, according to Hindu legend, the god Siva gave yoga and cannabis to human beings so that they could experience deep states of unified consciousness and the delight of direct immersion in the spiritual realm. Its research rigorous, the book is also rooted in Kilham’s own experiences with yoga and cannabis. It traces the history of cannabis-infused yoga through the ages, with practical guidance on the steps of safely, effectively fusing yoga and cannabis use.

Kilham’s perspective on the purpose and potential of yoga is refreshing. He calls yoga “primarily a practice of the nervous system,” and declares that it’s not how much the body is stretched, but how much the mind is expanded during the process that is important. Citing examples of great yogis whose practice mainly involved sitting in the lotus pose or Siddhasana, the book turns the practitioner’s focus from athleticism to pure awareness of the spiritual self, and encourages the thoughtful inclusion of cannabis to contribute an “immersive sense of expansion.”

Crisp, clear photographs of the selected yoga asanas (postures) enhance the text, and in-depth information on cannabis, including its cultivation for personal use, is included. Practitioners are warned about the detrimental effects of careless cannabis use, the need to understand the legal ramifications of cannabis use and cultivation, the types of preparations possible and what effects can be expected from each, and the different ways to consume the sacred plant; there’s even a tempting, healthful cookie recipe included.

Wise, reverent, and enlightening, The Lotus and the Bud expresses the joy, peace, and deep satisfaction that await those who commit wholeheartedly to the practice of cannabis-infused yoga.

January 2021