Tim West kissing fish, Napo region, Amazon. Photo by: Zoe Helene © 2010

Tim West Kissing Fish

“The Shaman's Pharmacy was an epic adventure(!) and one of the most profound learning experiences of my life. Meeting the Amazon Jungle is a rare opportunity few enjoy: meeting the Amazon Jungle via Chris Kilham and Peruvian Shamans was life-changing.” – Tim West, Student, Shaman’s Pharmacy 2010

“The ExploNapo staff proved more than just guides and teachers; they became lifelong friends living in solidarity on this most beautiful of planets.” – Tim West, Student, Shaman’s Pharmacy 2010

“Segundo, a native Peruvian man in his early 60's, is the senor most guide at ExploNapo with more than 45 years experience leading tours in the Amazon Jungle. He met us with his bright smile as we escaped the formalities of Peruvian Customs. Already, he had safely gathered our bags and organized for a bus to take us to the boats. I new instantly that we were safe in his hands. It was a 4+ hour boat ride up the Amazon, Napo and Sucusari rivers to ExplorNapo. I was tired, but far to excited to sleep. I had purposefully seated myself adjacent to Segundo in the hopes of striking up a conversation—and of course we did. He told me a short history of the ExploNapo Lodges and how he’d spent most of his life leading people like me through primary rainforest. I’m originally from New York, so I couldn't help but reflect on how different our lives had been. I was dead-set on proving to him that I wasn't just another "gringo" looking to take pictures and leave footprints.” – Tim West, Student, The Shaman's Pharmacy 2010

Tim, who is one of only two students brave enough to eat a live Amazonian grub, is a professional chef with a special interest in Food as Medicine. After coming with us to the Amazon, he went to cook for the Facebook team in California, where he was inspired by the power of social media. Tim is now an ecopreneur with a super hip, early stage start-up called Grubly. Gubly connects people who love to eat with people who love to cook, locally! We know Tim will be a great success in whatever he puts his heart and soul into.