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Photo by: Chris Kilham © 2005

“Acai explodes with flavor, and gets better with every mouthful. Rich in the potent purple pigments called anthocyanins, acai has a higher antioxidant activity rating than bilberries or blueberries, and is rich in beneficial dietary fibers.” – Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham, Fox News Health


The journey began when we experienced açaí with local surfers during a trip to celebrate the new millennium in Brasil. Amazed by the natural energy and nutritional benefits of this powerful fruit, we were quickly hooked. Our last night in Brasil, we started working on a plan to share açaí with the world and in early 2000, Sambazon was formed.

The Beginning

We scraped together enough money to buy a container of frozen pulp and some marketing fliers and began trying to convince juice bars in Southern California that açaí was the real deal. By the end of that first summer, over 50 juice bars were selling Sambazon Açaí Smoothies. We started expanding all over the country, approaching the best juice bars we could find in places like South Beach, New York City, Boulder and Oahu’s North Shore. We did endless samplings, demos and promo events, and people loved it.

In Brazil

We have been working with the local non-governmental organizations (“NGOs”) to build the supply of organic and sustainable açaí. Over 10,000 people in the Amazon help us harvest açaí through our certified organic program. These people now have an incentive to manage their land and protect it for generations to come.


Today our products are sold in virtually every health food store, juice bar and conventional grocery store in the U.S. and we continue to work hard to spread the word about açaí. We encourage individuals and institutions to support social, environmental and scientific programs that will both preserve the Amazon and unlock its potential to aid mankind.

We are very grateful that we have been given the opportunity to share this incredible fruit with the world and we want to say thank you to all those that have supported us along the way.

Team Sambazon