Recommended Ayahuasca Retreats

We have experience at the following ayahuasca retreat centers, and we think they do a great job. All four are outside of Iquitos, Peru. You will find them below, in no particular order. Click on either their names or the images above them to visit a simple page on our site that will then direct you to further. We welcome invitations to visit other centers, but until we have done so, we can not recommend them.

The Temple of The Way of Light

“Temple Of The Way Of Light sets a high bar for ayahuasca retreat centers. The setting is splendid, the people dedicated and lovely. The shamans are highly talented, and the ayahuasca is excellent. Founded on high principles of service and humanity, this is a place I enthusiastically endorse. ” - Chris Kilham

Photo by Chris Kilham / Medicine Hunter


“Dreamglade lives up to its name, a pretty and recondite spot centered around a pellucid pond, with shady palms swaying in a light breeze. Everything at Dreamglade is done thoughtfully. The accommodations are good, the food fresh and clean, and the ceremonies are led with great care and attention to the needs of pasajeros. Dreamglade is a marvelous place to renew, re-invigorate and restore. Beautiful overall.” – Chris Kilham

Photo by Tracey Eller / Cosmic Sister

Aya Madre

“When Estela turns on the hummingbird medicine, well, your soul takes flight. And while I have drunk ayahuasca over time with around sixty shamans, I have never ever heard any one of them sing like Estela.” – Chris Kilham

Photo by Tracey Eller for Cosmic Sister

Ayahuasca Foundation

“Carlos Tanner’s Ayahuasca Foundation is a busy hub of ayahuasca shamanism, with ceremonies, teaching, special groups, research and more. When we were at the teaching center, we had ceremony with Shipibo shamans Enrique’ and Wilma, a colossal pair, superbly talented. It was memorable and very fine. If you want rock-solid ceremonies, Ayahuasca Foundation delivers.” – Chris Kilham

Photo courtesy Ayahuasca Foundation

Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual

Maestro Ayahuasca Shaman Ricardo Amaringo sings the sacred icaros like almost nobody else, and is absolutely spellbinding in ceremony. Ricardo is a first-rate, profoundly talented shaman, and works extraordinarily hard.” - Chris Kiham

Photo by Tracey Eller / Cosmic Sister

Noya Rao

Rolando Tangoa Murayari is somewhat legendary in shamanic circles, and Noya Rao is a powerful statement. Rolando is a big deal. When Rolando sings, medicine pours into the ceremonial space. He is gifted and practiced.” - Chris Kiham