Photo of Rachael Carlevale, by Emily Howard (Students, Shaman's Pharmacy 2010)

Rachael Carlevale Swinging in Jungle Vines

“The Shaman’s Pharmacy showed me that it is indeed possible to create a global economy where all parties thrive. I now understand how medicinal plant trade can enable native people to live in healthy coexistence with the land they steward.”

“For the majority of our time in Peru we lived among native people. Chris clearly expressed and demonstrated his deep appreciation for the natives and their culture. He is extremely respected among them, which enabled a special knowledge sharing connection that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. This rang especially true with interactions I had with native healers, known as Shamans.”

“Zoe brought a strong female element to The Shaman’s Pharmacy journey. She encouraged the women in our group to consider our experiences through a woman’s lens. Because of this, I paid a much closer attention to women’s roles and rights – not just in Peruvian culture -- but in our own. Here we were, a group of supposedly equal men and women from the United States, having a classroom discussion in the Amazon jungle. Zoe helped me see the complexities of sexism, not just in a foreign country, but in our own culture. Her facilitation of many conversations helped me (and others) share experiences and ask questions that broadened our views about global gender equity and how it relates to greater sustainability issues.”

Rachael Carlevale, Student, The Shaman's Pharmacy 2010

(Rachael graduated pre-med in May 2010, and is teaching yoga in Colorado.)