Adam Bauer
Dharma Boutique
Musician, Entrepreneur
Music, Vintage Devotional Art


Adam Bauer is the founder of Dharma Boutique, and is an accomplished musician and adventurer. His passions include spirituality and devotion, yoga, and natural healing. Lured by his love of adventure and sustaining an integrated global community and lifestyle, every year Adam journeys around the globe on an extended pilgrimage in search of remarkable treasures and spirited human connections.

A key component of his travels is to hand-pick new and vintage items for his retail store, Dharma Boutique. Dharma Boutique offers sacred arts and crafts, including amazing new & vintage textiles, temple statues, and devotional art. Adam's focus is on beauty, fair trade, and social responsibility, as well as promoting an underlying philosophy of healing, consciousness, and evolution. Adam enjoys being able to share one-of-a-kind items direct from India, Afghanistan and beyond.