"Simply put: Chris is a producer’s dream. He just “gets it” and makes it happen – the finished product is always informative and fun. I love “Medicine Hunter” shoot days!" - Paula Rizzo, Senior Producer, Fox News Health

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“Paula Rizzo keeps the machinery oiled at FOX News Health. She is one of the most relaxed and efficient producers I know, and has a great sense of humor. Without Paula I would not have so many great segments on FOX. She's really terrifically talented.”– Chris Kilham

Paula Rizzo
Senior Producer
FOX News Health
Senior TV Producer
TV Producing, Online Content


Paula Rizzo is an Emmy Award winning video producer with experience in the field and in the control room. Paula has worked in local news producing nightly newscasts at WCBS, WPIX and WLNY. She also served as a production director for lifestyle production company, Vidicom, which distributes content nationally.

Currently she's a senior producer at FoxNewsHealth.com. From surgeries to fitness classes, Paula covers a vast array of health news for Fox News Channel. Her responsibilities include line producing, writing scripts, field producing, editing, ghost writing articles and blogs, developing new content and establishing relationships with talent and contributors for the website.

One such relationship is with The Medicine Hunter. Paula is responsible for bringing Chris and Dr. Manny Alvarez together in 2009 when their quest for weird healing foods began. They’ve since tackled blowfish sperm, brain ravioli and penis noodle soup – what’s next? Log onto foxnewshealth.com for their latest antics.

Favorite natural remedy: Ginger tea to cure a cold