Acai Berry. Photo by Chris Kilham

Official Position on the “Acai Diet”

Just a quick word about the acai diets that everybody has been spammed over. Useless. Acai is not a diet miracle. It is a wonderful, amazing-tasting, highly beneficial fruit that gives you energy and makes you feel good. But don’t be bilked by companies that want you to believe it’s the key to slimming. It isn’t.

“Anything that's popular gets made into a diet. Acai is no more of a diet than the eraser on your No. 2 pencil.” – Chris Kilham, Natural Foods Merchandiser

“There’s really no need to try to make something more than it is. In the case of acai, this is a superior, nutrient-rich fruit with tremendous antioxidant value. It offers great flavor, and makes you feel good. The harvesting of acai provides a living to a lot of people, and helps to preserve some of the Amazon rainforest. In my mind, that’s more than enough.” – Chris Kilham, Fox News Health