“I have had the privilege to work and travel with Chris for quite some time---but no where near long enough. He is my brother, my friend, my partner, and one of the few people in the world I'd gladly jump into the hornet's nest with. I have no doubt, we emerge all the better for it. Here's to you, Bwana!”– Mitchell Stuart

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“Mitchell and I met through a client. I was giving a talk in Vegas, which his production company was shooting. We got together, ate Mexican food, drank tequila, and subsequently traveled to the Andes and Malaysia to make TV shows. Funny how things start. He is a friend and partner, very smart, very talented, and quite off the wall.”– Chris Kilham

Mitchell Stuart
Founder and Creative Director
Company (Other): 
HQ Productions
Ad Man, Writer, Producer, Director, Music Producer, & Musician
Content Guru, Advertising in all media, TV Production, Music Videos, Short Film Content, Community Building for Websites, Branded Entertainment


Mitchell Stuart is Founder and CCO of HQ Productions, Inc., New York City, a 360 creative agency and production company. The agency of record for many prominent companies, HQ creates content and Brand strategies for all screens: print, television, film and the web.

Among Mitchell’s career highlights are be awarded a 2010 NY Emmy Award for Best Entertainment Interview and Discussion Program for his Road to MSG series airing on MSG Networks and Fuse. In the digital world, he is known for creating and serving as executive producer, director and music producer for the ground-breaking program Stripped raw & real, which served as the signature series for Clear Channel Digital Radio. This innovative and artfully produced program featured such artists as: Coldplay, Alicia Keys, Green Day, Kanye West, John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Jonas Bros, Miley Cyrus, Bon Jovi, Rihanna and others.

Mitchell's specialties include digital & traditional content for brands, production & post production, music composition and production, Hong Kong cinema, and he has been expanding Chinese, European, African & Middle Eastern Business Contacts.

Chris and Mitchell have been working together for years with Mitchell producing television content based on Chris’ Medicine Hunter international travels.

From Chris: Spending time with Mitchell, you get a sense that the wheels are always turning. He interrupts his own interruptions to try out a new idea, always searching, reaching for the next highest thing, the big idea, the perfect plan. Mitchell is truly 24/7. In good times and bad times, Mitchell is out there making things happen, keeping HQ humming along, bringing in the business, coming up with new and sometimes crazy plots for movies and videos, and jockeying his Blackberry like a man on fire. Mitchell knows how to put energy into situations, knows when to hang back, and knows how to be a friend. Especially in the world of entertainment, how rare is that?