Chris is my brother in spirit and friend in life. He has always had the energy of nine fire signs and the focus of a man with a mission. To his great credit he has created a life that has impacted an industry and the lives of many, many indigenous peoples and farmers worldwide. I'm proud to be in the tribe and a part of his world.

“In our teen years, Linda and I met on a beach in Maine. We've known each other since, through all phases of life and times. Linda is talented and accomplished, and now Director of Marketing at Himalaya Herbal Healthcare. Linda is pure gold.” – Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter

Linda Sparrow
Director of Marketing
Natural Products Marketing


Linda Sparrow has been a part of the natural products marketing community for over 20 years. Linda has a unique blend of expertise due to her rare knack for learning all aspects of industry business, which influences and supports her approach to projects and her success. Now happily the Director of Marketing at Himalaya Herbal Healthcare in Houston, Linda has a background of working within major manufacturing environments and raw material supply companies, both domestically and internationally. As a consultant for several years, Linda’s client work included roles such as acting Marketing Director, special projects management, new product development, and research and writing. She also has a working knowledge of FDA/FTC regulatory affairs and developing brand standards.

Prior to her work in the natural products industry, Linda worked in film as a resource person for northern California, as a publisher of film resource directories, and as a casting agent for major LA companies working in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was also executive producer of a 1-hour, award-winning PBS special in 1989 called "The Last Laugh" about people living with AIDS. She continues to be involved in film and web development projects, including working with the Institute of Advanced Research archiving the early lectures and writings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and producing video footage for anthropologist Michael Harner, founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and author of "The Way of the Shaman".

A good friend of Chris’, Linda likewise has a love for travel to far away places and carries a great respect for vedic and indigenous tribal wisdom.