“It never ceases to amaze me that a five minute conversation with Chris can yield a plethora of interesting ideas to improve your health and well being. He’s truly a walking encyclopedia of credible health information, and I’m so happy he shares it with us and our viewers.” - Jessica Mulvihill

“One of my favorite producers at FOX News Health, Jessica comes up with great ideas and has a winning manner. Why does Dr. Manny pick on Jessica so much? Probably because she’s so sweet and friendly, if that makes any sense. ” - Chris Kilham

Jessica Mulvihill
FOX News Health


Jessica Mulvihill is a video producer and writer for Fox News Health. Before joining the health team at Fox News Channel, Jessica worked in health marketing & community relations and with an agency managing continuing medical education programming. She has worked with many of the country’s top thought leaders in both conventional and alternative medicine and pharmacology.

Jessica covers a variety of health topics from breaking news stories to features on the latest medical advances and alternative remedies. As a producer for FoxNewsHealth.com her responsibilities include field production, script writing, line producing, editing, writing and copy editing articles and blogs, content development/management and some graphic design.

Along with senior producer Paula Rizzo, Jessica has worked with The Medicine Hunter on dozens of projects. Jessica has developed a strong interest in producing alternative medicine content through her work with The Medicine Hunter since he teamed up with Fox News’ Dr. Manny in 2009. One of their most memorable and widely viewed videos included a trip to a New York City restaurant to explore the health benefits behind special dishes like penis noodle soup and lamb brain ravioli.

Favorite natural remedy: Mint for an upset stomach

Chris is the FOX News Medicine Hunter and appears on FOX News, online and in the US and international television markets. To watch these segments on medicinehunter, visit our Medicine Hunter on FOX News Health TV page. Segments with Dr Manny Alvarez and Medicine Hunter on FOX News TV have featured numerous botanicals including acai, yerba mate, garlic, ginger, turmeric, hot chiles, red wine, chocolate, rhodiola, goji, and other beneficial plants. Chris also does segments on his own, focusing on individual medicinal plants. Jessica Mulvihill is a video producer and writer for some of these segments.