Zoe on the Rio Sucusari. Photo by: Chris Kilham © 2008

Intrepid Traveler

“Zoe and I work a lot together at Medicine Hunter. Zoe has come on some field expeditions, and she has proven a very good-natured, helpful ally on the trail. Especially interested in women, children, wilderness and wildlife, Zoe is quick to paint children's faces, talk with women about their lives, and find out what is happening with wildlife in the areas we visit. Zoe brings special talents to the development of MedicineHunter.com, from a well-honed sense of design to a keen understanding of interactive marketing. The photo here, of Zoe on the Rio Sucusari is one of my favorites. She doesn't care for it all that much, but I think it nails the moment very well.” – Chris Kilham, on “Intrepid Traveler”

“For the record: I can’t image why Chris loves this shot. Trust me when I tell you, I’ve posted it under pressure. But since I’m the one who produces this site, I get to add my two cents worth. So here’s the deal: I remember the moment and recognize the expression. Of course I don’t ever actually see this expression on myself, so seeing a photo of it is amusing. My smile goes sideways, sort of like Lucy, in Peanuts. My inner monologue goes something like this, “Great. Fabulous. This big, clunky, mildew-ridden, man’s life-jacket they just pulled out from under the seat has quite a history. And how again did I end up on the Amazon river? Oh yeah – I married The Medicine Hunter. Right. OK then. So, the bugs I can deal with. The heat, the mud, the snakes, et al... but the life-jacket thing sucks, big time. Oh(!) Lovely. Wonderful. He’s got his camera out, and I know what that means. Someday he’ll want to post the picture for all the world to see. Great. What we do for LOVE. What we do for the environment… and hell yeah, I’m keepin' that life-jacket on, baby, no matter what it looks like, 'cause Goddess knows what's comin' next!” Anyway, you get the gist." – Zoe Helene (on this horrid little photo)