Chris Kilham in Colorado with Cannabis. Photo by Tracey Eller / Cosmic Sister

The Indiana Jones of Plant Medicine Talks Cannabis
Green Flower Media
by Gregory Frye

Chris Kilham is quick to wave off CNN’s branding of him as the “Indiana Jones of natural medicine,” however if you look at the trajectory of his work, research and travels around the world, the moniker seems just right.

This prolific medicine hunter, author and educator has traveled to over 45 countries for medicinal plant research. His global expeditions include traditional botanical medicines, nutraceuticals, and psychoactive plants. He’s also very well-known in the natural health and sustainability sectors.

“From a pure health standpoint in terms of addressing what we perceive as bodily needs, which I would suggest are broader than that, the information on cannabis just gets better and better.” – Chris Kilham

July 2018