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Zoë Gardner with skeletal Giant Water Lilly, Peruvian Amazon. Photo by Zoe Helene


HerbNerd is about passion for medicinal plants brings together traditional knowledge and modern research. With this combination, HerbNerd sees that science helps to articulate what people have learned from thousands of years of using medicinal plants. Through education and research, our goal is to support the safe and effective use of herbal medicine.

Zoë Gardner has recently accepted a position in the Research & Development Department of Traditional Medicinals, in Sebastopol, California. Prior to accepting this position, Herb Nerd Zoë Gardner was Program Coordinator of the Medicinal Plant Program at the University of Massachusetts, which provides education, research, and outreach related to all aspects of medicinal plants. Zoë is Research Editor of the American Herbal Product Association’s forthcoming revision of the Botanical Safety Handbook. She is currently completing her Ph.D. in medicinal plant quality and safety, and is proud to be known as an "Herb Nerd".