Photo by Zoe Helene

Chakarunas Dentist

“Dental care is hard to come by at the very tip-top of the Andes. We in the USA tend to take this sort of basic health care for granted. In Peru I noticed that most little children usually have nice, strong, white teeth. However, they quickly deteriorate without proper care. Many teens and young adults will already have several gold teeth. If and only if they are lucky and can afford let alone find that sort of skilled medicinal service. As part of an ongoing maca sustainability project, this young woman 'from the city' was brought to the highlands to take care of local maca farmer's, and mac farmer's family's teeth. Quite a brave adventure if you think about it - and I was impressed. You can see she's from somewhere else, and you know she has a story to tell. We didn't speak the same language but we wanted very much to connect, and we managed to communicate quite a bit without words. I took this shot as a token of my appreciation for all that she was doing, and as a way of sharing her rather remarkable contribution.” - Zoe Helene