“(Chris Kilham's) The Five Tibetans are a perfect practice for a balanced life and a healthy body.” - Eddie Modestini, Yogi

“In the field of yoga, there are very few people at Eddie’s level of accomplishment, and fewer still who possess his humor and kindness. Eddie is talented, smart, experienced, and not only a great yoga teacher but really good company.” - Chris Kilham

Eddie Modestini
Founder & Yoga Teacher
Company (Other): 
Maya Yoga Studios
Yoga, Painting, Jewelery


Eddie Modestini is an internationally known yoga teacher who works along side his wife, Nicki Doane, at their Maya Yoga Centers. Eddie's first introduction to yoga was Iyengar Yoga and at the time it was very difficult to get certified. However Eddie became a certified teacher in a short time as part of the first batch of teachers certified on the East Coast — many of those in his group have gone on to become senior Iyengar teachers. Eddie also spent many years studying with Pattabhi Jois, receiving a blessing to teach Ashtanga yoga. He is well versed in both systems and has an amazing eye able to read students' bodies.

Eddie started exploring his artistic roots through yoga, then painting and now jewelry. Yoga has profoundly effected his ability to stay focused, and today he can most often be found sitting cross-legged in his studio fusing links to make handmade chain, a technique which dates back 4,000 years to the ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations.

Eddie and Nicki have developed an approach to yoga that is intent on serving the Individual student. Yoga is spirit in action, and as Eddie and Nicki teach, they inspire people to find a place of spirit inside themselves, recognizing the profound connection between the Self and Spirit. Eddie and Nicki continue to travel to India to keep the connection with the birthplace of their Yoga experience.

Eddie lives in Sebastopol, CA with his wife and teaching partner, Nicki Doane. Together, they co-direct Maya Yoga Studios in both California and Maui, HI.