Chris and Zoe, 2010. Photo by: Monique Hillen

Chris and Zoe

“When I married Zoe in 2007, the Medicine Hunter web site was a shambles. It was written in an ancient, defunct code, and it offered numerous dead links. For some reason, Zoe elected to build a new Medicine Hunter site from scratch, exercising her extensive skills in interactive media. Over close to two years, she has developed what you see here. I am deeply impressed, and profoundly grateful. In place of the former decrepit site, we now have this dynamic, vibrant hub of activity. I like to joke that I have done my part by generating so much content. But it is Zoe who has poured her heart and soul into this project, and has made this a reality. Zoe and I also travel together on some of the Medicine Hunter field trips, and she has proven road-worthy, cheerful and helpful out there on the trail. MedicineHunter.com establishes Zoe’s position as a highly valuable partner in spreading the messages of health, sustainability and indigenous well-being. Thank you so much, Zoe.”- Chris Kilham