Berkem of Bordeaux France

Our society today increasingly demands that the chemical industry, of which Groupe Berkem is a part, considers environmental and social factors. Groupe Berkem is actively involved in the ecological transition by integrating plant-based chemistry into the conventional chemical industry. Our group is therefore in a position to provide effective support to its clients. For example, it recommends them bio-based active ingredients that improve the performance of their products while reducing their impact on people and the environment.

Since its inception, Groupe Berkem has placed its knowledge about nature at the core of the activities carried out by its subsidiaries and its department:

  • Capturing the best from plants by extracting and manufacturing active ingredients
  • Preserving the natural qualities of products through freeze-drying
  • Formulating solutions, bio-based where possible, for the preservation of building materials, particularly wood. Supporting public health and pest control players with its solutions
  • Replace fossil fuels with sustainable resources in the synthesis of resins
  • Make its expertise available to synthetic biocide manufacturers in order to provide them with innovative plant-based solutions, so as to reduce biocidal active substance levels while maintaining their effectiveness