“Bringing people together with plants of power is one way Chris Kilham is healing the planet. Chris teaches me we can all find souls in all kinds of habitats who are enjoying using this Life we share to tip the balance on earth toward beauty. Now, some of those souls are mineral, vegetable, and animal. Some are Spirit in Action. That is Chris Kilham.” – Amanda McQuade

“In the herbal scene, Amanda McQuade is our Elizabeth Taylor. Gifted, gracious, smart and accomplished, and all of us like to see what amazing outfits she’ll turn out in over the course of a day. She continues to make a profound contribution to the field of herbal medicine, and has my greatest respect. We all salute Amanda. ” – Chris Kilham

Amanda McQuade Crawford
Medical Herbalist Consultant
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Amanda McQuade Consulting
Medical Herbalist, Television Personality, Author
Medical Herbs, Psychotherapy, Traditional Herbal Remedies


Amanda McQuade Crawford, BA, DipPhyto, MNIMH, MNZAMH, RH (AHG), MCPP, is recognized internationally as one of the premier medical herbalists who speaks publicly on integrated health, herbs and the planet. Amanda is also a Professor, author, and television personality. She hosts "What a Relief!", a television show on the Veria TV network which teaches viewers about natural herbal treatments for common, everyday ailments.

McQuade Crawford has a degree in phytotherapy (herbal medicine) from Britain's College of Phytotherapy. She was elected a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (MNIMH) in 1986, and is a founding member of the American Herbalists Guild. McQuade Crawford is also noted for her exploration of traditional herbal remedies in remote areas of the world. On her own volition, she has traveled to and learned from licensed physicians and folk healers in places including South America, Europe, New Zealand, and Scotland's Findhorn Ecovillage, an experimental community in sustainable development. Under the World Health Organization, Crawford organized a two-month exploration of herbal medicine in the People's Republic of China.

Previously in private practice in Beverly Hills and Ojai, Calif., McQuade Crawford integrated her knowledge and experience of herbs with stress management and an awareness of the role that spiritual well-being has on health. She grew and gathered most of her plant-based therapies from her organic gardens in Ojai. She currently works as a medical herbalist consultant, working with the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia and the American Botanical Council to help set standards for quality as a review panelist, while improving production controls within the natural products industry. She also helped develop Solixir, a line of botanical beverages that contain standardized herbs and are sold at Whole Foods.

Amanda has studied healing with nature around the world, learning from plants, ayahuasqueros, and curanderas, as well as physicians at home and abroad. She teaches in hospitals, medical schools, and in open meadows. The author of two popular books on women’s health, The Herbal Menopause Book and Herbal Remedies for Women, she contributed to two recent books on natural medicine, The New Menopause Book, edited by Taliaferri et al, and the text, Traditional Medicines for Modern Times: Antidiabetic Plants, edited by Amala Soumyanath, CRC Press.

McQuade Crawford