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“The shamanic landscape is changing and mutating, as shamanic teachings are working their way well past traditional cultural borders. As one of the leading entities of that emergence, Blue Morpho is doing a great job, providing an excellent experience for the seasoned and new alike.” - Chris Kilham

Blue Morpho

The Ayahuasca center featured in National Geographic Adventure Magazine, on the National Geographic Channel, in Times magazine, and in The New York Times.

In the heart of the Peruvian Amazon lies a place where miracles are born. Ancient wisdom mingles with the heady scent of tropical flowers, and rain falls in haunting drumbeats on hand-woven palm roofs. As one of our former guests once said, "I went to Blue Morpho to escape ringing phones, vapid television, demanding clients, and my frantically-paced corporate existence, but I found so much more than a place to unwind. Instead, I found life." Welcome to a place of breathtaking natural beauty, a place of personal transformation, and a place of energetic evolution—welcome to Blue Morpho!

Blue Morpho, based in Iquitos, Peru, specializes in professional and safe Ayahuasca ceremonies on our all-inclusive shamanic workshops and spiritual retreats. For nearly a decade we have strived to be the safest formal Ayahuasca Center in the Amazon. After having received over 1,000 guests, Blue Morpho is widely considered to be the most professional longstanding center in the Amazon. We are known for the tremendous power of our ceremonies and the vast and varying transformations that our guests experience. We are dedicated to you. We do everything in our power and ability to make sure you are satisfied, cleansed and transformed because of your stay with us.

Located at Kilometer 52.5 of the Iquitos-Nauta Road in the Peruvian Amazon, just one hour’s travel from the city of Iquitos, our Shamanic Center and Jungle Lodge sits on 180 acres of privately owned primary forest—the perfect setting of peace and serenity for shamanic workshops. Private meditation huts are surrounded by towering trees and tropical foliage, and walking trails offer our guests the opportunity to see a variety of exotic and colorful wildlife during their stay

At Blue Morpho, we work with traditional Ayahuasca healing shamans (curanderos) who practice the ancient and mystical shamanic arts of the jungle. The shamans conduct ceremonies and rituals that are designed to open consciousness and bridge the physical and spiritual worlds. These ceremonies are personally transformational, forever changing the life of the participant in positive ways. Through Ayahuasca ceremonies, guests can experience spiritual and energetic evolution.

Address: Avenida Guardia Civil 515, Iquitos, Loreto, Peru
E-mail: info@bluemorphotours.com
Telephone: 26-3454 (from the USA dial 011-51-65 + phone number)