“Don Alberto is an A-list shaman with energy, endurance and tremendous talent. When he gets going waving his chakapa (leaf fan) and singing icaros, the room fills with spirit.” - Chris Kilham

Shaman Don Alberto Davila
Master Shamanic Guide
Blue Morpho
Master Shaman, Vegetalista, Ayahuasquero


Master Shaman and medicinal plant expert. Alberto leads ceremonies, shamanic healing, and apprenticeships. He has over 35 years as a spiritual healer and over 3,000 Ayahuasca ceremonies in his collective experience. He began his healing path at the age of 8 under the constant guidance of his grandfather, who was also a Master Shaman. After his grandfather passed away, Alberto was taken under the wing of Don Julio Llerena Pinedo, and the two entered into lifetime pact of shamanic medicine. When not working exclusively with Blue Morpho, he continues his healing practice as a curandero in his local town. Alberto is considered one of the most powerful healers in the Ucayali River region.

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