“...Co-leading ceremonies with don Alberto is center manager Malcolm Rossiter, whose aptitude for psychology and a polished gift of gab make him an ideal ringleader for the ceremonial festivities.” - Chris Kilham

Malcolm Rossiter
General Manager & Shamanic Guide
Blue Morpho


Malcolm has been working with people in the health, nutrition, fitness and spiritual well being industries for over two decades, and now at Blue Morpho he combines his years of experience with his love and dedication to the Ayahuasca medicine. In 2006 he started travelling the world drinking and working with Ayahuasqueros with a wide range of heritages and lineages. Until in 2008 he attended his first Blue Morpho tour and realized that this place had the perfect blend of Traditional Shamanism and Universal Philosophy. He returned to Blue Morpho many times over the next few years and finally moved to Iquitos in January 2010 to become a member of the Blue Morph staff.

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