Hot Plants

Nature’s Proven Sex Boosters for Men and Women
St. Martin's Griffin
By Christopher S. Kilham

From the ancient rainforests of Malaysia, to remote mountains in Siberia, the Amazon rainforest and the high plains of Peru, Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham has scoured the globe in search of effective, sex-enhancing plants. Hot Plants contains a lively account of those adventurous travels, with valuable information that you can use to boost your sex life. In Hot Plants you'll travel along with Chris Kilham as he meets and learns from shamans, medicine men and women, and the many unusual and talented characters found on the medicine trail.

In the wake of Viagra's enormous popularity, the international market has been inundated by a blizzard of purported natural sex enhancers. Some of these products are nothing but hype, yet others contain proven agents that enhance libido, improve sexual function, and increase pleasure. These bona fide sex-boosters can be found in Hot Plants. These natural agents of desire include Tongkat Ali, maca, yohimbe, catuaba, ashwagandha, horny goat weed, zallouh root, Rhodiola rosea, Red ginseng, Siberian ginseng and chocolate. Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham draws upon history, legend and keen research, as he weaves tales of remarkable people, exotic locations, and his extensive investigations into the science and uses of the hot plants. Learn which plants increase libido in both men and women, improve erectile function in men, put more fire into your sex life, and significantly boost your pleasure.

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"A man doesn't need a study to know if he's feeling amorous. There is no such thing as a placebo erection.” - Chris Kilham, The Washington Post

“If you can use a plant and not an alien substance, that's a good option. These plants deliver the goods.” -- Chris Kilham, Outside Magazine

"Every country I travel to has at least one plant that is widely used for sexual enhancement." - Chris Kilham, ABC 20/20

"In our journey together in the world of hot plants, I will take you to the Amazon, Africa, China, India, Malaysia, Siberia, the Middle East, and other lands. As we travel, I will introduce you to the most effective sex enhancing plants. If you believe that nature offers no true aphrodisiac, and that only pharmaceutical drugs can enhance your sex life, the guide you hold in your hand will convince you otherwise." -- Chris Kilham, Hot Plants

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May 2004