True Kundalini

Yoga of Pure Spirit

In the field of yoga, one of the most alluring of all concepts is the awakening of the primordial energy known as kundalini, also referred to as the serpent power. Kundalini is described in the foundation texts of yoga, and many books have been written on this topic. Specific methods of yoga are considered essential to the full awakening of this partially dormant force, and many teachers offer classes and programs designed to fulfill the full promise of kundalini awakening.

Sadly, many popular methods of so-called kundalini yoga are inauthentic, wholly made up in the 1970’s, with no basis at all in yogic history or use. The proliferation of these methods is misleading, and the practice of them is largely a waste of time. Fortunately, real and authentic methods do exist, and these methods do in fact fulfill the quest of awakening the brilliant kundalini force within.

For over 45 years I have practiced daily yoga. After four and a half years in the early 1970’s in a so-called kundalini yoga ashram, I un-learned the illegitimate methods I had been taught, and set about to discover legitimate and authentic practices of kundalini yoga. That quest has led me all over the world to dozens of yogis, to many yogic scriptures, and to some methods which, while authentic, remain little known. The resulting system of practice is True Kundalini.

True Kundalini utilizes many standard yogic practices derived from primary yogic scriptures including The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, The Siva Samhita, The Goraksa Sataka, Tibetan Yoga and The Secret Doctrines, and others. The practice also includes specific designated kundalini-awakening methods from these texts, as well as a system of profound Kundalini awakening methods directly from the Tibetan Buddhist Yoga tradition, and the Five Tibetans, a set of methods also deriving from Tibet. In addition, I have included methods of Kundalini meditation, mantra, and energetic awakening, gleaned from traditional sources and directly from accomplished kundalini adepts.

True Kundalini offers deep and profound yogic realization, without vagary, mumbo-jumbo, mystic deception or any of the sad nonsense that characterizes much of today’s inauthentic kundalini yoga practices. True Kundalini opens up the energetic channels, liberates potent latent forces within, and sets in motion heroic changes that enhance overall well being and enhance consciousness. True Kundalini helps to fulfill the promise of living as a spiritual being in today’s world.

With True Kundalini, there is no group to join, no guru to obey, no cult mind control. Instead there is practice. The methods of True Kundalini, when practiced regularly, yield enormous benefits of clarity, energy, spiritual awareness, and harmony. The practice of True Kundalini leads to deep realization of pure spirit, the essence of all being.

Please feel encouraged to join me on a journey of spiritual discovery, through the practice of True Kundalini, Yoga of Pure Spirit.

- Chris Kilham

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