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"Chris Kilham is a trustworthy guide on the medicine trail, full of enthusiasm, wonder, and respect for the wisdom of traditional cultures. I respect his mission to make these plants and their uses better known in our culture." - Andrew Weil, M.D. for Tales from the Medicine Trail

Trail Tracking Down the Health Secrets of Shamans, Herbalists, Mystics, Yogis, and Other Healers
Chris Kilham
Rodale Press 2000


Tales from the Medicine Trail offers readers an adventure into the healing practices of ancient and modern cultures. This is blended with actionable health remedies, such as teas for tension, meditations for migraines, and poultices for pain. 

In Tales from the Medicine Trail, you are invited to join author Chris Kilham on a quest for the best natural healing remedies, both new and ancient, from the forgotten corners of the globe. A gifted storyteller and herbal expert, Kilham skillfully combines adventure, history, and anthropology with the latest discoveries in natural medicine. Along the way, he teaches you how to put these discoveries to use—right now—in your personal health program. Kilhams’ ability to communicate with, earn the trust of, and interpret the healing practices of indigenous people has earned him honor and respect throughout the world. Now, with the Medicine Hunter as your guide through the world’s most remote areas, you can harvest today’s most potent healing information. 

Imagine traveling to the remote corners of the world, seeking out legendary healers and ancient medicinal wonders. With Tales of the Medicine Trail, Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham shares the experience and excitement of discovering natural healing substances and forgotten ancient wisdom. From the comfort of home, you can join Kilham on his adventures hunting for kava in the Pacific Islands, researching a sex-enhancing root in the Peruvian Andes, learning Ayurvedic remedies in India, and collecting healing plants in the wilds of the Amazon rain forest, just to name a few. And not only will you share in the spirit of adventure but also you’ll learn exactly how to integrate these healing secrets of shamans, herbalists, mystics, and yogis into your personal health plan. Intertwined with the stories, you’ll discover safe and effective herbal recipes and remedies, including information on which form of the herb works best. With Tales of the Medicine Trail, you can sit back and relax while you are whisked off to faraway places on the hunt for the Earth’s greatest healers and the most potent healing elements available today.

“Tales from the Medicine Trail is a fascinating look at the relationship between indigenous peoples and their medicinal plants, through the eyes of a well known botanical explorer and raconteur. His style enables the reader to join with him in his many interesting journeys.” – Michael Balick, Ph. D., Director of Economic Botany, The New York Botanical Garden.

“Engaging, yet relaxing and pleasant reading; makes me homesick for the rain forest, a treasure house of undiscovered medicine and great peoples experienced in these treasures.” – James A. Duke, Ph. D., Author of The Green Pharmacy, and Dr. Duke’s Essential Herbs