Photo by Tracey Eller / Cosmic Sister

Sex + Setting: Friends Don't Let Friends Sleep with Shamans
LA Yoga
by Zoe Helene

Ayahuasca can be an extraordinary, life-changing experience. If ayahuasca is right for you, you should have safe access to the adventure, regardless of your gender or gender identity. My intention is to empower through information, advice and warnings so women can enter the ayahuasca space with a better understanding of sexual ethics and what is expected of them, the shaman, and other individuals in the surrounding community.

“Abstaining from sex in this case is simply part of the ground rules and must be respected. We have so many opportunities in life to engage in sexual activity. If the impulse is genuine I-have-met-my-soul-mate material, then it can wait.”Chris Kilham, LA Yoga

“A key part of the experience at ayahuasca retreats is participating in la dieta, which calls for abstaining from ingesting alcohol, caffeine and certain foods such as salt and sugar and from engaging in any sexual activity for a certain period before, during and after ceremony (including the full time at the retreat). In the medicine space, people often seek help with sexual issues, and engaging in sex can damage or distract from the healing process.”Zoe Helene, LA Yoga

June 2016