Quotes About Chris

Our “Quotes About Chris” page is a selection of Medicine Hunter quotes featured in a wide range of media. Please feel free to share these quotes with others.

“Part David Attenborough, part Indiana Jones, Mr. Kilham, an ethnobotanist from Massachusetts… scoured remote jungles and highlands for three decades for plants, oils and extracts that can heal.”

The New York Times

“He's walked across flaming coals on South Pacific islands, competed against Amazon chiefs in blowgun contests and had near-death experiences traveling in Third World countries. Chris Kilham is a Medicine Hunter -- a sort of Indiana Jones of the plant world.”


“To become a star, every herb needs a prophet. In the case of kava, it is Mr. Kilham… (Kilham) has become a one man public relations agency for the herb.”

The Wall Street Journal

“To the students he’s Indiana Jones. He’s got a dynamic personality. When you’re talking about ethnobotany, you’re talking about native cultures and the type of plant material they use. He’s gone to those places and lived with the people.”

Professor Lyle E. Craker, for U-Mass Magazine

“Libido is part of a healthy human life and just like any other wellness topic, it deserves attention. Chris Kilham, known in the industry as the Medicine Hunter, is an expert on medicinal plants used historically around the world to support healthy libido in men and women.”

Whole Foods Market, "The Whole Story"

“Pretty much everyone here (at the NYC Health & Beauty Show) from the developed G-20 countries said the world economy is becoming more relaxed. And for the less developed economies, that's critical, said Chris Kilham, who scours the Earth for natural botanicals to use in health and beauty products.”

Jim Lehrer News Hour

“Along with promoting medicinal plants, Kilham is on a mission to preserve and protect natural environments while helping the indigenous people who live there.”

The Associated Press

“Big pharma is heralded for inventing new cures, but the courts are clogged with dangerous drug cases. Most of the world has used plant-based remedies for hundreds if not thousands of years. Chris Kilham… says herbal medicines are much safer than synthetic drugs.”


“It is Kilham’s belief that many people want to find a solution to the environmental destruction of Amazonia, and that by showing students the effects of healing experiences and taking them into the rainforest to research medicinal plant life.”

Daily Collegian

“I love adventure! That’s why I love teaming up with The Medicine Hunter, Chris Kilham.”

Dr. Manny Alverez, Fox News

"Chris Kilham offers to jog the mind with good psychoactive plants – a sound prescription. A bit of coffee here, a bit of cannabis there…Agree or disagree with him, Psyche Delicacies will tickle your neurons. A good blend of humor and argonautic escapades."

Ken Kesey, Author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

“(Chris) Kilham has become a true global media star, inciting public debate on topics such as the traditional use of medicines, nutraceuticals, the preservation of culture and the environment, and other health and environmental issues.”

Informativos (Spain)

“And here to help me is my good friend Chris Kilham, the famous Medicine Hunter, who travels all over the world in search of plant-based medicines, where I think a lot of the future of all the world’s remedies lies.”

Dr. Mehmet Oz, The Dr. Oz Show

“Chris Kilham is a trustworthy guide on the medicine trail, full of enthusiasm, wonder, and respect for the wisdom of traditional cultures. I respect his mission to make these plants and their uses better known in our culture.”

Andrew Weil, M.D. for Tales from the Medicine Trail

“(Chris) Kilham effectively bridges the world of botanical medicine and mainstream media.”

Vitamin Retailer

“A veritable Renaissance man of alternative lifestyles, Kilham practices what he preaches.”

Boston Globe

“If developing a commercial market can pay impoverished indigenous people for their ancient secrets and help save forests and wild places from the encroachment of 'civilization' looking for oil and cutting down millions of acres to grow cattle and palm oil, then we should do it. Chris is developing a TV series entitled The Medicine Hunter with our film/TV production company, Virgin Produced. I'm planning to go with him into the Amazon on at least one trip and am looking at how we can market his natural remedies through the Virgin Group of companies.”

Richard Branson, Screw Business as Usual

“(Chris Kilham) is quite knowledgeable. Of the products that he's worked on, the ones that I know of at least, I approve. They're real, and he's right to advocate for them.”

Dr. James Duke, Outside Magazine