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Naturex Foundation supports in particular education, medicine, environment and basic necessities, outside of any economic interest. Naturex has appointed Chris Kilham as Sustainability Ambassador. With his well-established reputation for respecting and honoring the environment and traditional cultures, Chris is a strong voice for the Naturex program.


Naturex of Avignon, France is our primary partner company. Naturex is one of the largest suppliers of plant extracts worldwide with production facilities in the USA, France, Morocco, Spain and Italy, a subsidiary in the United Kingdom, and sales offices in Germany, China and Singapore.

Founded in 1992 by the late Jacques Dikansky, Naturex supplies botanical extracts of various types to the nutraceutical, food, beverage and cosmetic industries. Chris conducts many field research expeditions on behalf of Naturex, and helps Naturex to develop high-value botanicals from different countries.

Since its creation, Naturex travels all around the World to research and select the best raw materials for its extracts. This approach has naturally strengthened its links with local populations, over the years, who produce and supply these plants. This has enabled Naturex to become informed about the difficulties faced by these populations on a daily basis.

Naturex, in addition to its industrial activities, also operates The Naturex Foundation, to help support indigenous people in places where the company sources plant materials. The Foundation supports projects related to education, medicine, the environment and basic necessities, outside of any economic interest. Chris serves on The Naturex Foundation advisory board, and helps to identify projects for funding. The Naturex Foundation is involved in programs with broad human and environmental dimensions. Therefore the Naturex Foundation wishes to conduct proactive partnerships with associations who run projects that help to improve the quality of life for local populations in countries where Naturex operates. Wishing to maximize the efficacy of the funds granted, the Naturex Foundation will only cooperate with associations and NGO who are community-oriented, non-profit initiatives and that are transparent from a financial point of view.

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