Chris Kilham with Tongkat Ali root, Malaysia. Photo by Annie Eng

Medicine Hunter Stalks the Wild Libido Booster
Washington Post
by Natalie Hopkinson

There are "greener green" slushies at the Natural Food Expo. Carb-busting canine weight-loss pills, juice for joints, medicinal mushrooms for the mind. "These are absolutely going to change your mind about soy nuts!" a crew-cut man promises as he thrusts dirt-brown packets at passersby streaming past vegan baklava and gluten-free protein brownies. Amid 1,700 exhibitors at the Washington Convention Center yesterday, a man sits in a booth made of bamboo and built to look like a thatched hut. Strands of silver snake through his lush brown curls, his tawny skin colored by the sun in all five continents. He comes from the hills of western Massachusetts. He is Medicine Hunter. "We tried to get him to wear a long grass skirt," someone says. The khaki-clad, Chris Kilham breaks into a smile. "You gotta know your limits," he says.

"A man doesn't need a study to know if he's feeling amorous. There is no such thing as a placebo erection." - Chris Kilham, Washington Post

October 2007