Photo by: Linda Sparrow © 2007

Exploring Nature's Pharmacy
Reality Sandwich
by ST Frequency

As the debate over health care reform rages on and insurance premiums climb precipitously higher, the state of modern medicine is in critical condition. More and more people are falling ill, while increasingly fewer have access to the pricey, patented drugs that purport to cure them. The situation looks dire—that is, unless you ask author, professor, and intrepid botanical explorer Chris Kilham. The solution to our health care woes, he insists, is growing all around us: plant medicines. Having traveled to over 20 countries seeking out the most remarkable remedies nature has to offer, Kilham works to bring the powerful healing effects of these little-known plants to the rest of the world. I recently chatted with Chris Kilham about medicine hunting, Amazonian shamanism, and his upcoming appearance at Evolver Atlanta’s EvolverFest 2010...

“We are the single most drug-crazed culture in the entire world. Our pharmaceutical use is, I think, five times that of other developed countries. We’re insane about drugs. And so as a result, we’re heavily marketed to. The entire health system is biased toward promoting and dispensing these drugs, and most of the health system mechanisms are basically drug delivery mechanisms.” – Chris Kilham

May 2010