Photo by Chris Kilham

Anti-Aging Secrets of Noni
The Dr. Oz Show
with Dr. Oz & the Medicine Hunter

A lot of you caught The Medicine Hunter on The Dr. Oz Show. We have received numerous compliments (thank you!) and questions. If you are curious to know more about Noni, and/or are seeking a Medicine Hunter Recommended Noni Products, please see our Noni page.

As it turns out, the segment has not been posted on The Dr. Oz Show website, which unfortunately means we can’t share a link with you yet. They’re quite strict about that, and we respect their wishes. Once they do post the segment, however, we will be able to link directly to it.

If you want to see and share the segment -- please let the good folks at Oz know you’d like to see that happen. Just send a note via The Dr. Oz Contact Form. Thank you!

December 2010