Hot Plants™ for Her

People are definitely searching for ways to enhance their sexual experience. In this pursuit, many people turn to drugs that may cause heart attack, stroke, blindness, temporary deafness, and unwanted hair. These seem like awful prices to pay in the pursuit of improved sexual health. Thus the creations of Hot Plants™ for Her, a formula for women that increases libido, enhances sexual function, and boosts sexual pleasure.

Hot Plants™ for Her
By Enzymatic Therapy

All of the ingredients in the formulas have a long history of safe use. And all the ingredients in Hot Plants™ for Her formula are in concentrated, extract form in effective doses. Many of the ingredients have been clinically studied in humans for sexual purposes, with excellent results. All of the ingredients have a long history of safe use. And all the ingredients are in concentrated, extract form in effective doses. For more information, visit our Hot Plants page, where you will find links to published articles and TV segments, as well as links to individual pages with information on each of the plants in the Hot Plants formulas. Enjoy in good health!

“If you can use a plant and not an alien substance, that's a good option. These plants deliver the goods.” -- Chris Kilham, Outside Magazine

Hot Plants™ for Her sexual enhancement formula was developed in collaboration with Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham, a leader in the field of plant medicine, and a noted expert in natural aphrodisiacs.

The Hot Plants™ formulas are based on the findings in Chris' book, HOT PLANTS: Nature’s Proven Sex Boosters for Men and Women. To develop this natural herbal formula, Chris traveled to remote areas of the globe in search of native healers with traditional remedies for female sexual enhancement. Enzymatic Therapy took these herbs, combined them with modern science and developed this unique formula to safely boost sex drive and enhance sexual performance and endurance.

And, for men, we also have Hot Plants™ for Him

Peruvian ‘Hot Plant’ May Boost Libido
CNN Health News, with Elizabeth Cohen, Nov 2010

Elizabeth Cohen, CNN’s senior medical correspondent, traveled to the Peruvian Highlands with Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham to investigate Maca, a natural aphrodisiac in Peru. Coined as the “sexual power herb of the Andes,” maca experienced $5 million in sales last year in the United States. Cohen asked Kilham what would happen if she took a scoop of maca powder, threw it in a smoothie and drank it every morning. For more information about Maca, and for information regarding product recommendations, please visit our Maca Botanical Sheet page.

“(Maca) might cause Chinese New Year’s fireworks in your pants.” - Chris Kilham, CNN