Chris Kilham with Maca

The Dr Oz Energy Hot List: Maca, Dragon Fruit & Pea Protein Powder for Energy
The Dr. Oz Show
with Dr. Mehmet Oz

Do you feel run down and have trouble just making it through the day? Dr Oz put together a new Energy Boosting Hot List to help you out. The best part is that he had real women test this out already and see how these ideas worked for them. Check out the Maca Supplement, Watermelon Juice, and a Pea Protein Powder review from Dr Oz.

Others may have a midday slump or crash before lunchtime. The antidote to that is an all day energy pill called the Maca Supplement. It is popular in Peru, and you can take a 1,000 mg dosage at breakfast for around $12 per month.

Dr Oz: Dragon Fruit Snack

Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham said he first found Dragon Fruit in Malaysia, but now you can find it in health food stores and even some supermarkets. It is high in antioxidants and Vitamin C, plus it tastes great.

Lucy, who tried the Dragon Fruit at home, learned that it also has B Vitamins. You can eat this fruit anytime, and it even works as a dessert. Think of it as “a cross between a kiwi and a pear,” Lucy said.

Eat the white and black part on the inside of the dragon fruit; Dr Oz suggested eating half of a fruit every day with lunch.

Learn More About Maca

Chris Kilham is widely known for his sustainability work with maca and the native people of the Peruvian Highlands, where maca is grown. Maca, a highly popular plant from the Peruvian Andes, has received a great deal of media, in magazines, on radio, and as the subject of various TV documentaries. Maca is a highly important plant to the people of the central highlands in Peru. Maca has been cultivated as a life-sustaining substance in the Andes for 2000 years. It is legendary for delivering energy, mental clarity, and enhancing libido. This super food can be added to blender drinks, cookies, pancakes and other foods. A quality concentrated extract will keep you good to go all day long.

November 2013