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Bill and Marmalita Grimes, Chris Kilham outside of Dawn on the Amazon Café. Photo by Zoe Helene

“Perfect location! They make excellent salads, which you can eat safely even in Peru, and they make a great iced coffee, which can be a life-saver on a hot Amazonian day. Plus, they're (very) vegetarian friendly, and also feature foods that fit the Ayahuasca diets.”Zoe Helene

Dawn on the Amazon Café

Bill and lovely wife Marmalita, are also the proprietors of Dawn on the Amazon Café, an oasis of great food and stimulating conversation in the river city of Iquitos on the historic riverfront promenode.

Open early at 7:30am until 10:00pm. Closed Sunday.

Brewed, roasted, organic, world class Peruvian coffee.

International menu, Peruvian, North American, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Spanish, Brazilian.

Special Ayahuasca Diet Menu on the last 4 pages of this menu. No salt, sugar, cooking or salad oil, dairy products, or pork.

Dawn on the Amazon Café only uses purified water, including soaking and rinsing fruits and vegetables in purified water three times, so you don’t have to worry.

Over 50 delicious choices for S/13.50 = $5 or less. No plate of delectable food costs more than S/19.90 = $7.37.

Homemade (literally) from scratch; no MSG, artificial ingredients, or refined sugar.

Take out. Call 234921…600057…or 600057 to order in advance.

Wi-Fi is S/3 = $1.11 per hour.

The Dawn on the Amazon Cafe is located between 101 Nauta Street, and 185 Malecon Maldenado, on the boulevard overlooking the river, two blocks from the Plaza de Armas, across the beginning of Nauta Street from the historic pre-rubber boom chapel.

Phone (+51-65) 600057