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"Chris Kilham has shown a rare combination of visionary skills and pragmatic results-oriented thinking."Rick A. Thorne, Tree of Life (currently CEO of Royal Wessanen)

How to Shoot from the Hip and Win on the Wild Frontier of Natural Foods Retailing
Chris Kilham
New Hope Communications 1993


In the legend and lore of our great nation, the cowboy plays a pivotal role. He is a multi-talented individual and a trailblazer. He can ride, rope, herd cattle, shoe a horse, mend fences, hunt supper and head the bad guys off at the pass. Even if cowboys as diverse as this description are more apocryphal than actual, the legend of the cowboy still stands. Marketing requires being a lot like the legendary cowboys of yesteryear. Smart marketing requires multiple talents, the ability to think quickly and act decisively and an attitude flexible enough to deal with the ever-shifting landscape of business. Thus Cowboy Marketing. The Natural Products Industry is growing, and growing up, quickly. Businesses in all sectors of our industry are increasingly aware of the value of smart marketing. That’s where this book comes in. (Excerpt from the Introduction to Cowboy Marketing)