Photo by: Zoe Helene

Chris Kilham with Old Growth Timber

“Unfortunately, the felling of majestic old-growth trees in the Amazon continues to accelerate. This just breaks my heart. A thriving tree in primary rainforest is not just a beautiful tree - it is an entire living, breathing complex ecosystem, and a home for an incredible diversity of plants, insects, birds and animals.” – Zoe Helene

“Traveling the murky jungle rivers in a small boat, the Medicine Hunter reflected, “You know, it used to be that about 14 percent of the world's surface was covered by rainforests. Now less than 6 percent is rainforest, and that amount is dwindling quickly, mostly due to logging. I know that people need wood, but logging the rainforests of the world is not the answer. Once these places are destroyed, they're gone for good. Logging the rainforests is a bad idea: it's short money and it's long-term environmental damage.” – Chris Kilham, The Valley Advocate

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