Chris Kilham Yoga & Meditation Quotes

“My belief about yoga is that we do not find it; yoga finds us. As a persistent and perennial current of spiritual dynamism, yoga utilizes us to spread itself, to broaden its reach, to touch the lives of others, to keep it going. Many years ago, The Five Tibetans came to me. They caught my imagination. I started to practice them. Eventually I became their ardent advocate. I spread the word far and wide. Today, I am still working on their behalf, still spreading the word, still sharing the methods.”Chris Kilham, New Forward, New Edition, The Five Tibetans (2011)

“Yogis have long understood that the mind and body are thoroughly interwoven, each affecting the other. The mind and body are not in fact separate and distinct but are interdependent components of the whole person. Throughout the ages the Yogis have taught methods for creating balance. They have long understood that what we think affects the way we feel, and that what we eat, drink and do tour bodies affects the way we think. There can be no separation of function, except for the enlightened adept who has transcended the limitations of the body/mind by assiduous practice of meditation.”Chris Kilham, Take Charge of Your Health: The Mind/Body Relationship (1985)

“When yin and yang unite, there is harmony and balance. Each one needs the other. According to the Tantrics and Taoists, when there is a properly balanced union of yin and yang, the health and longevity are the inevitable results.”Chris Kilham, Stalking the Wild Orgasm (1984)

“The practice of the simple meditation makes tremendous expansion of the mind possible, enabling the practitioner to experience the presence of multi-dimensional forces within each person’s being.”Chris Kilham, Yoga Journal (1981)