Chris Kilham Yoga & Meditation Bio

Chris has been a long-time speaker and presenter on yoga and meditation, at venues across the United States. Since 1971 Chris has taught yoga to thousands of people in classes at colleges, universities, dance centers, conferences, hospitals and jails. In his yoga presentations, Chris integrates information and methods of yoga, meditation and the martial arts, to enhance mind/body integration and sexual health, and to promote healthy aging. His best-selling yoga book, The Five Tibetans, is published in 28 languages. The New York Times describes Chris as "part David Attenborough, part Indiana Jones." A medicine hunter by profession, Chris travels the world in search of natural remedies, and appears on TV and radio programs globally. He has studied and learned from numerous yogis, mystics, shamans, and healers.

“Yoga helps you rise to the challenge of living. It keeps you from being ground down by circumstance. It puts fire into the body and mind and leads to being balanced and wise. It makes a lot of sense to practice.”Chris Kilham, The Five Tibetans