Chris, as Quoted

Our “Chris, as Quoted” page is a selection of Medicine Hunter quotes featured in a wide range of media. Please feel free to share these quotes with others.

“You know the expression, “It's not personal; it's business.” We sneer at such rot. All business is personal, all the time.”

Chris Kilham, Ode Magazine

“We are destroying the world’s greatest pharmacy. It is very important that we protect the rainforest in everything that we do.”

Chris Kilham, NBC Nightly News

“Fire walking is an act of faith. I don’t know why it works. I don’t know why people don’t die doing it. I found it very exhilarating.”

Chris Kilham, LA Times

“Chocolate just may be the healthiest thing you can put in your mouth.”

Chris Kilham, Comcast

“I love the Amazon. I just wanna to cry every time I go there both for the majestic beauty and for the fact that it’s going to be a museum exhibit in a couple of decades if we don’t stop the deforestation.”

Chris Kilham, CNBC Power Lunch

“People in the U.S. are more cranked up on pharmaceutical drugs than any other culture in the world today. I want people using safer medicine. And that means plant medicine.”

Chris Kilham, New York Times

“Every herbalist has their favorite plant. Mine is Rhodiola rosea.”

Chris Kilham, Fox TV

“(Hot Plants) enhance sexual experience. They increase sensitivity and make sex more urgent. Men get better erections. Women benefit, too. Your orgasms are like Chinese New Year fireworks.”

Chris Kilham, Outside Magazine

“In other parts of the world where I go, people are worried about, Jeez, you know, I really wanted to buy my kids shoes this year.”

Chris Kilham, Jim Lehrer News Hour

“On the other side of the spirit veil, I spend more than a little bit of time researching the hallucinogens. I personally believe ayahuasca [a psychedelic Amazonian brew] is also the greatest natural healing agent, period.”

Chris Kilham, Psychology Today

“As state and local laws mutate and change in favor of greater tolerance, perhaps cannabis will find it’s proper place in the home medicine chest.”

Chris Kilham, Fox News Health

“For a product to really be sustainable, it’s really got to deliver the goods for the end user. That drives the whole rest of the equation.”

Chris Kilham, Yogi Times

“A man doesn't need a study to know if he's feeling amorous. There is no such thing as a placebo erection.”

Chris Kilham, The Washington Post

“Anything that's popular gets made into a diet. Acai is no more of a diet than the eraser on your No. 2 pencil.”

Chris Kilham, Natural Foods Merchandiser

“I feel badly for the people who suffer from the side effects and consequences of hazardous pharmaceuticals. It's antithetical to the Hippocratic Oath. I want to see people use safe, practical medicines.”

Chris Kilham, CNBC

“Maca boosts sex drive like crazy. And if there’s any side effect, some people just have to stop taking it because they get so sexually stimulated… Kind of makes you feel a little like a superhero.”

Chris Kilham, ABC Good Morning America

“You don’t have to do something exotic to enjoy the benefits of natural healing agents. So many things in your kitchen – common spices, common herbs and foods – have powerful healing agents as well.”

Chris Kilham, Fox News Health

“If you or I want to be healthy (whether it’s our digestion, our reproduction, our skin, or anything) we have to assume greater responsibility for our wellness. One of the best ways to do that is to be familiar with and to use on a regular basis, plant medicines.”

Chris Kilham, PBS Healing Quest

“While there are a great many agents in nature which boost libido and enhance sexual function, chocolate alone actually promotes the brain chemistry of being in love.”

Chris Kilham, Fox News

“Only a system in which all parts flourish is holistic.”

Chris Kilham, LOHAS Journal

“You need to understand plant chemistry, be inured to discomfort and awesomely flexible. When something breaks down—the plane, the boat, you just have to roll with it.”

Chris Kilham, Organic Spa Magazine

“Over the course of four rough, ego-shattering hours, the ayahuasca shows me that opening myself to love of Zoe and all others is the sure way to tap my deepest and most vital energetic reserves. The lesson is vivid, technicolor, indelibly imprinted on my psyche.”

Chris Kilham, Ode Magazine