Chris and Zoe, deep in Primary Rainforest. Amazon. Photo by Segundo

Chris and Zoe in Deep Primary Rainforest, Amazonia

"For me this was a reawakening, or a... remembering... of who I am. This experience brought me back to the hours and hours spent trekking in native New Zealand bush as a kid. I felt so at HOME.

So we're walking and walking and walking and I'm feeling this total primal connection and we get to this tree. This spectacular tree that Segundo brought us to, and we are hot, as you can see by our drenched clothes, and clearly in an altered state... and then the rain comes. The most sweet, rich, sensual rain I can remember ever in my life.

The drops started far above in the canopy of the jungle and then, as they fell through the forest, collected in leaves along the way, coming together and connecting into larger and larger drops of the most incredibly clear, soft, warmth of renewal, like a ritual cleanse like a calling from the Gods of the jungle. We keep walking in this rain, ecstatic in the primal moment, big smiles all round.

These rainforests are to be protected by any means. These trees called to me, and I am theirs, and I will do as I can to help. Little me." - Zoe Helene